Create your on-line Pre-Assessment Document (PAD)

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The purposes of the PAD is to define the scope of the assessment and to provide relevant information to the assessor to prepare the assessment. The PAD contains basic information on the company: activities to be assessed, number and kind of employees, number and kind of subcontractors, etc.

The company that is planning to be SQAS assessed needs to complete it before the assessment. It is necessary to fill in a PAD for every site that is going to be assessed. The completed PAD can be shared/sent on-line to the selected SQAS assessor(s).

The working procedure is as follows

1. Company to be SQAS assessed:

2. SQAS Assessor:

3. Company to be SQAS assessed:

4. SQAS Assessor:

5. Assessment takes place

6. After assessment:

Click here to open the Online SQAS PAD editor.

More info

For more information about the Online SQAS PAD editor download the User Guide.
For more general info download the SQAS Guidelines Document.

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