Principle features of SQAS

Chemical companies use the SQAS system in support of the Risk Management of their logistics activities as part of product stewardship. The SQAS reports provide a good insight in the strengths and weaknesses of their (potential) service providers. Chemical companies use the assessment reports in their selection processes of new service providers and for the ongoing evaluation of the standards and performance of their existing service providers. SQAS reports are used to support the dialogue between chemical companies and their Logistics Service Providers (LSPs) as part of a continuous improvement process.

SQAS Assessment Questionnaires

Five specific SQAS assessment questionnaires cover the different types of service providers active in land logistics and chemical distribution. The questionnaires have been developed by the chemical industry in close co-operation with the transport sectors and their representative European trade associations. These questionnaires can be downloaded from this website.

CDI (Chemical Distribution Institute) offers a number of other assessment modules that cover the various maritime activities.

SQAS Assessors

SQAS assessments are carried out by professional assessors who have been trained and accredited by Cefic for each type of assessment module. Their performance is closely monitored by Cefic to ensure a continuous high and uniform quality of SQAS assessments across Europe.

Candidates who want to become SQAS assessors are referred to the “SQAS Accreditation Manual” in the section “Guidelines and Forms”.

Database of SQAS Assessment Reports

The assessment reports are stored in a central electronic database. It provides easy accessibility and analysis of the assessment reports. It is password protected and only accessible to authorized users from the chemical and transport industry.

The SQAS Service Group

The SQAS Service Group of chemical companies that actively support and use the SQAS System, provides the financial resources and management structure for its successful operation.

Chemical companies that are member of these Service Groups obtain the following services:

The membership fee is dependent on the size of the company. For further information on these Service Groups, please contact Victor Trapani ( / telephone: +32 2 676 73 85).

Getting started to do an SQAS Assessment

Logistics or distributor companies who considers to undertake an assessment should familiarize themselves with the applicable questionnaire and guidelines. They should select an assessor from the list of Accredited Assessors, in order to plan and prepare the assignment and fulfill the required administration. The assessment process is explained in further detail in the FAQ section.

User Group of Logistics Service Providers and Chemical Distributors

The User Group "Logistics & Distributors" has been created to allow LSP’s to get access to SQAS reports of other logistics companies proving a service to them to evaluate their standards (for example transport subcontractors, warehouses and cleaning stations).

Any logistics company or chemical distributor who has performed an assessment at their own facilities may register to become a member of this User Group. At current, these users have access to all SQAS Cleaning reports and to SQAS Transport Service reports when the partner transport companies have authorized them through a function in their assessment "Manage User Access to the Report".

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