(publication date 06-09-2019)
SQAS Workshop on 6 November 2019

Cefic will organise the SQAS workshop “Managing your logistics services providers and distributors with SQAS” on Wednesday 6 November in Brussels.

This workshop offers the opportunity to:
- learn from leading chemical companies on how to use SQAS in procurement, EHS and logistics management
- get updated on the SQAS audit system
- join group discussions and get inspired

This workshop is highly recommended for professionals working in procurement, EHS and logistics, who want to improve their collaboration with logistics service providers and distributors and get more out of SQAS.

Take advantage of your SQAS membership – join this meeting, share your experiences and learn!!

The workshop will have a cost of 250 Euros for SQAS members and 400 Euros for non SQAS members.

Please, find the agenda and the registration form of the meeting in the section Home/Documents/SQAS Workshop 6 Nov 2019

Welcome to SQAS

SQAS (Safety & Quality Assessment for Sustainability) is a system of uniform third party assessments to evaluate the performance of Logistics Service Providers and Chemical Distributors. SQAS assessments cover quality, safety, security, environment and CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility). SQAS is not a certification system; it is an assessment system that provides a detailed factual assessment report. The SQAS assessment reports allow chemical companies to evaluate their logistics service providers according to their own standards and requirements.

SQAS is a key element of Responsible Care in logistics operations.

Cefic, the European Chemical Industry Council, manages the SQAS system and ensures its integrity.

SQAS modules

All transport companies and other types of service providers that are active in land logistics and chemical distribution are covered by SQAS through five separate modules:

  • Transport Services
  • Rail Operators
  • Tank cleaning stations
  • Warehouses
  • Chemical distributors

Benefits of using SQAS

Using SQAS offers several advantages:

  • A key tool in the Risk Management of logistics operations, as part of Responsible Care
  • Five SQAS modules covering the different types of Logistics Service Providers active in land logistics
  • Common and uniform industry assessment questionnaires
  • Trained and accredited SQAS assessors
  • Easy access to all assessment reports via a central SQAS database
  • No duplication of assessments by individual chemical companies
  • Supported and used by most chemical companies and logistics service providers

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