Chemical distributors

Want to embark on a journey of continuous improvement and enhance your reputation across chemical industry players?

As part of their commitment to Responsible Care®, chemical producers want to ensure that their partner distributors handle chemical products safely, with care for the environment and in full accordance with regulations and industry codes of best practice. Likewise, chemical distributors want to demonstrate their compliance with Responsible Care® and the principles of sustainability.


The European Single Assessment Document (ESAD) was created to provide a voluntary assessment system to evaluate the quality, safety, security, and environmental performance of chemical distributors in a consistent manner through single assessments, carried out by independent assessors using a standard questionnaire.

Why join us

Avoid duplication

it avoids multiple assessments by individual chemical suppliers /producers

Access shared audits

Access a system of shared audits

Work in partnerships

It offers a mechanism for dialogue about continuous improvement, in partnership with the suppliers.

Assess your performance

It offers a tool for assessing the health, safety, and environmental standards of their operations, whilst simultaneously providing a third-party assessment system for the distributors’ compliance to their Responsible Care programme.

Continuously improve

Focus on improving operations and mitigating risks.

Mitigate risks

Focus on improving operations and mitigating risks.

“For me the greatest advantage of an ESAD/SQAS assessment is transparency. Standardised surveys allow for insights into risk and quality management, or e.g. the sustainability of a logistics company in the hazardous goods area. They promote well-founded decisions and long-lasting, successful partnerships.”  

Jose Corral Montilla

Vice President, BTC Europe

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