How SQAS works

A system of continuous improvement towards safer, secure and sustainable chemical logistics.

Transport companies and logistics service providers can be assessed over five modules

Transport Services

Rail Operators

Tank cleaning stations


Chemical distributors

The process

Logistics service providers and chemicals distributors follow a process of assessment and reassessments aiming to continuous improvement which is repeated every three years:

Pre - assessment document (PAD)

A chemical company requires an SQAS assessment from a Logistics Service Provider or chemical distributor. They complete a questionnaire to provide information to the assessor about the activities and scope of the future assessment.

The assessment report is shared in a central database

The report is shared with the assessed Logistics Service Provider or chemical distributor and is stored in a secure central database. The database provides easy access and analysis of the reports, and is only accessible to users from the chemical company and authorised  Logistics Service Providers or distributors.

Onsite assessment

An independent assessor visits the Logistics Service Providers or chemical distributor’s facilities to assess operations. The assessor generates a report that evaluates compliance with legal requirements and industry standards.

Improvement period

The Logistics Service Provider or chemical distributor can developed an improvement plan based on the weak areas found during the assessment. It repeats the process every three years.

“SQAS is an essential and effective tool that allows us to better select and assess our Logistics Service Providers in terms of health, safety and environmental performance. It helps us to reduce risks linked to our logistics and distribution operations in a continuous improvement process.”

Caroline Clement Trouillet

Head of Land Transportation Procurement – Europe Supply Chain Division, Arkema