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Start the SQAS journey of continuous improvement.

Logistics or distributor companies who wish to undertake an assessment should familiarise themselves with the questionnaire and guidelines. The first step is to select an assessor from the list of Accredited Assessors below, in order to plan and prepare the assignment and fulfil the required administration.

The Procedure

Get Started

  • Register your user account (if not registered yet)
  • Complete the Online PAD
  • Select one (or more) assessor(s) to share/send the PAD (read-only version) and send an automated e-mail notification

Company formally accepts assessment

  • Receives the pre-notification and electronically confirms it

Post assessment follow up

  • The SQAS assessor submits the report into the SQAS Database
  • The company can view the report and grant/deny access to customers
  • The company can include comments in the report
  • The company can upload the Improvement Action Plan in the SQAS Database

Engage SQAS Assessor

  • The assessor receives an e-mail notification about the received PAD
  • The assessor opens and evaluates the PAD (read-only)
  • If the assessor has doubts, he/she contacts the company, clarifies and ask the company to modify the PAD, if needed
  • When the assessment is agreed, the assessor registers the pre-notification of the planned assessment

Assessment takes place

  • Assessor conducts assessment

Create your online Pre-Assessment Document (PAD)

The purpose of the PAD is to define the scope of the assessment and to provide relevant information to the assessor to prepare the assessment. The PAD contains basic information on the company: activities to be assessed, number and kind of employees, number and kind of subcontractors, etc. The company that is planning to be SQAS assessed needs to complete it before the assessment. It is necessary to fill in a PAD for every site that is going to be assessed. The completed PAD can be shared/sent on-line to the selected SQAS assessor(s).

List of Assessors

  • Transport service+ = Transport service (food)
  • Warehouse+ = Warehouse (food)
  • Distributors/ESAD+ = ESAD (Food, Cosmetic or/and Pharma and Good Trade and Distribution Practices).
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