Want to conduct assessments with leading logistics companies to promote safety, quality, and sustainability practices? We pride ourselves on the quality of our assessments.

SQAS has a knowledgeable and high-skilled network of assessors based all over Europe. Become part of a community of SQAS assessors, driving safety, quality, and sustainability practices in logistics. Benefit from frequent training, collaborate with peers, and make a meaningful difference in the industry.


Your accreditation stays with you, regardless of employment. So join us in shaping a safer, higher-quality, and sustainable future for logistics.


As a member of assessor community

Access training

Access frequent training to ensure you have the skills and expertise to conduct thorough SQAS assessments.

Promote excellence in the industry

Make a meaningful contribution to safety, quality, and sustainability practices in the chemical logistics industry.


Network and collaborate with other assessors, sharing best practices and insights.

“I carry out SQAS assessments in a thorough but fair manner. I try to bring across my experience and knowledge within Cefic’s Responsible Care frameworkIt is rewarding to see that my assessments create more HSSE Q&CSR awareness and stimulate Logistic Service Providers to improve their performance and that my efforts are appreciated by the chemical companies.”

Igor Bots

Managing Director / Owner, SCT Adviesdiensten B.V.

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