Governance & team

Our governance ensures the financial support of the system, its credibility and continuous update to reflect new standards and rising challenges.

The General Assembly sets the overall direction of SQAS; it determines the general policies, approves the budget and financial accounts, and elects key positions such as the President, Vice President(s) of the Service Group, and members of the Executive Committee.

The Executive Committee operates between the annual general assemblies and acts as the governing body for the SQAS Service Group ensuring its smooth functioning.

For SQAS technical matters , the SQAS Technical & Accreditation Committee takes charge, handling technical aspects like creating or modifying SQAS questionnaires, conducting training, overseeing accreditation procedures, and monitoring assessor performance .

To ensure a well-rounded decision-making process, representatives from Logistics Service Providers, distributors, and their representing association, can actively participate in both the Executive and Technical committees.


General Assembly


Executive Committee


Technical & Accreditations Committee


Steven Beddegenoodts

Global EHS & Sustainability lead, Supply Chain PetChem, SABIC

Joost Naessens

Director Transport and Logistics, Cefic

“SQAS is a forward-looking assessment protocol that perfectly balances the individual supplier-customer relationship and the industry and society requirements in EHSS matters. It offers in one exposure both information and a diverse community that I’m proud to be part of.” 

Steven Beddegenoodts

Global EHS & Sustainability lead Supply Chain PetChem, SABIC

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