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Chemical companies can become members of two service groups depending on whether they assess Logistic Service Providers or chemical distributors. Each group has different membership and fee.

Are you a chemical company?

Evaluating Logistic Service Providers?

These chemical companies play a crucial role in actively contributing and developing the SQAS system, continuously keeping it updated, relevant and credible. The annual fee depends on the size of the company.

Evaluating Chemical Distributors?

These users can request access to specific reports from the SQAS modules: Transport Service, Tank Cleaning, Warehouse and Rail, but the access should be authorised by the assessed company. The ESAD service group members pay an annual fee.

Are you a Logistics Service Provider or chemical distributor?

Are you a Logistics Service Provider or Chemical Distributor?

The User Group “Logistics & Distributors” has been created to provide extra advantages to assessed  Logistics Service Providers and chemical distributors.


By becoming a member of this group a company can participate in:

  • SQAS assessor training
  • The SQAS General Assembly
  • Voting of the logistics representatives in the SQAS Executive Committee


Any logistics company or chemical distributor, that has performed an assessment and has an active SQAS report, can become a member of this User Group for which they pay a yearly administrative fee. Only one corporate registration is required for a multi-site or global company. One central contact person can appoint multiple users within the organisation.