Towards Sustainable Transport And Logistics – SQAS Surpasses 1000 Assessments

SQAS welcomed its 1,000th audit in 2018. Its new tool which was launched 1 January 2019, includes structural updates and new sections related to transportation issues such as management of greenhouse gas emissions, control of plastic/flakes/powder loss, as well as programmes to reduce fuel, energy and water consumption and increase security in information technology.


Key benefits:

  • Promotes continuous improvement towards sustainable transport
  • Cost effective for chemical companies and logistics service providers as fewer audits are necessary
  • Evaluation system is adapted to the needs of the individual chemical company
  • A systematic approach focusing on issues that need attention and improvement.


Over the last decade, SQAS has witnessed a 33% growth in assessments, showing that it remains a trusted, credible and indispensable tool for improving transport sustainability and distributors across Europe.